Bus Charter

Learn more about Bus Charter in Los Angeles and Southern California!

There are many reasons for choosing a bus charter in LA, including convenience, saving time and saving money. It can be a lot of work and hassle trying to drive in the city streets of Los Angeles, or on congested highways, and sometimes, especially when traveling with a group or looking to transport a party to another Southern California destination, it's just far easier to rent a bus. Time is also a factor, since trying to negotiate routes in rush hour can not only be frustrating and even dangerous, but certainly very time consuming, especially if routes change because of construction or an accident. It can also be very expensive to park in L.A., not only when in a group, but it can cause you to be late for an event just trying to find affordable parking close to your destination, not to mention the frequent tickets that get handed out when street parking in incorrect zones or if meters run out.

Find A Bus Charter In Southern California

For all those factors and more, it's important to weigh your travel options carefully, and sometimes bus charter just makes the most sense. Our vehicle fleet is modern and well-maintained, as well as being professionally operated by experienced drivers with immaculate records and intensive training. We can accommodate varying numbers of passengers depending on need, from just a few up to 60 or more. Chartering a bus can literally save an important event like a wedding, art opening, or business convention from disaster thanks to ensuring everyone gets there on time, not to mention relaxed and ready to enjoy themselves or be most productive.

Our charter buses offer luxury features like a state-of-the-art GPS navigation system, AC and tinted windows, reclining seats, and a sound system for CD's and iPods. For longer journeys we even have DVD players and bathrooms onboard. All these amenities are just a few of the reasons you should consider a Bus Charter in Los Angeles, and we hope our award-winning service and commitment to excellence will encourage you to choose Charter Breeze for your group transportation needs in Southern California. Contact a representative today for a free quote and to find out more!