Los Angeles Event Parking

Convention, Gala, Movie Premiere and VIP Parking Solutions at Charter Breeze!

We know you want your next event to be as successful as possible, so let us here at Charter Breeze customize your Los Angeles Event Parking plan and find a solution that will make getting there and back easy and efficient. With traffic, finding spots, and safety issues in parts of LA, especially downtown, it's essential to come up with a way to get your guests and VIP's where you want them to go. We take the stress, difficulty, concern with punctuality and taxi costs out of the equation with our customized Los Angeles Event Parking solutions. Whether it's an important business convention or a red carpet movie premiere, we can handle any size of attendees with professionalism and courtesy.

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Our vehicle fleet ranges from limos to buses, vans and luxury coaches, and all of our clean, air-conditioned and well maintained. Drivers and other staff are held to high standards of appearance and performance, since we're aware you have those same standards for your event and want your guests to be received and treated as the VIP's that they are. If you don't want us to create a valet parking plan for your specific location, but would rather designate a drop off and pick up point to reduce congestion and improve your parking efficiency, we can help you assign a spot that is convenient to both where your special event is happening and the parking area itself, and that is both safe and secure.

Take the hassle out of the picture and ensure that your guests arrive refreshed and relaxed, instead of making them scour Los Angeles for parking spots, deal with congestion on the roads, and go through the maze of confusing streets and highways that make up LA. If you're looking to have people transported to or from LAX, or want to offer comfortable, punctual, and luxurious wedding transportation, we will arrange a solution that is right for whatever your requirements may be. Talk to one of our Parking Management specialists today for a solution to all your Los Angeles Event Parking needs!