Los Angeles Mini Bus Charter

Getting around in Southern California can sometimes be a real hassle, especially when you need to get a group of people from one place to another on time. That's why we recommend a Los Angeles Mini Bus Charter for all your transportation needs for between 13 and 40 passengers. Your party will be sure to appreciate the comfort and luxury of our modern mini bus fleet, whether they are getting picked up from their airport or hotel, or on the way to an exciting event like a wedding or a wine tasting tour. Stocked with the finest amenities from GPS and a sound system up to leather seats, tinted windows, and even bathrooms on some models, we want your trip of however long to be the ultimate in style and relaxation. Our award-winning service, new and well-maintained vehicles, and prompt and professional drivers will guarantee the success of your guests travel.

Choose the best Los Angeles Mini Bus Charter when you go with Charter Breeze!

We offer other solutions besides wedding transportation and private sightseeing, including valet parking and shopping excursions, VIP transport and employee shuttle services. If you have a movie premiere, art opening, gala, concert, or other special event, think twice about making your guests drive themselves there and look for and pay for parking on their own in the tangled warren of LA streets and highways. Our customer service representatives can fully customize an experience that is right for you. Choose from a mini bus or limo bus up to 40 seats, and we can provide the rest, including food, drinks, and even a tour guide. Call our office today for a free quote, and to find out more about how we can help you get around Southern California in comfort and safety. Or you can email us directly at info@charterbreeze.com to find out more about our Mini Bus, Van, Coach and Limos here at Charter Breeze!