Los Angeles Mini Coaches

Here at Charter Breeze, our most popular group transportation solutions in Southern California surely must be our Los Angeles Mini Coaches. There are many reasons people choose us for their travel needs, including the awards we win year over year for our service, the reliability of our modern fleet of vehicles, and the punctuality of our veteran professional drivers. There are likely just as many reasons people charter a Mini Coach in LA whenever they have a group or party to move around. Some want to host an important special event like a gala, movie premiere, art opening or corporate party, and don't want their guests to have to deal with finding their own parking. That's when our valet services and VIP shuttle experience really saves the day. Or they want their wedding parties picked up at their hotel promptly and delivered on time, or even their family transferred from the airport or dropped off before their flight. We know that stress and worry can ruin a great day, so we take it upon ourselves to be problem solvers when it comes to travel solutions.

Often, it's far easier to just rent Los Angeles Mini Coaches from Charter Breeze!

Save yourself and your family, party, or group of guests the hassle of driving around looking for a safe area to park their car, sometimes at great expense, and get everyone on board one of our safe, luxurious mini Coaches, with all the latest features. Enjoy your own music on our onboard sound system complete with CD and iPod players, relax in our fully reclining captain's chairs, or enjoy a private Hollywood Tour full of interesting Los Angeles trivia narrated by one of our experienced, multi-lingual drivers. However we can make your plans go more smoothly with a Mini Coach, we will! Reach out to a customer service representative today or call for a free estimate on your trip! We look forward to helping make it a huge success!