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Charter Breeze is your number one Los Angeles Parking Management Company!

There is probably no place in the world more suited to establish a successful Parking Management Company, simply because it can be so difficult getting around in LA. From the congested streets and highways, to the challenges of finding parking in a safe, secure location close to where you need to go, it just makes sense to have professionals with years of experience in the industry take some of the stress out of managing your parking solutions. Our employee shuttle service boosts worker morale and efficiency by letting people spend less time stressing about where to park and more time making your business profitable.

Learn More About Our Parking Management Services In Southern California

What we typically do is arrange for a drop off and pick up location accessible to both a safe parking area and your place of business or location of your event. Then your guests or employees can drop their vehicles off with our professional, courteous staff and enjoy our valet and shuttle services to get them where they need to go. We can increase the frequency of ride availability during opening and closing hours, or when high volume shift changes occur, and even can provide parking management services 24 hours a day. If you have a valet provider or bus or shuttle rides already to your destination, we are happy to help you optimize your planning and work out a strategy that will cut costs and increase efficiency.

Our parking management experts have almost twenty years in the transportation industry, and can help your business grow by saving you money in valet and shuttle costs, as well as making sure your workers or guests make the most out of their time and are as productive as possible.  We have high standards of grooming, uniform and dress, as well as courtesy and professionalism. In addition, our valet drivers are all insured, bonded and licensed so that you can trust every vehicle will be in safe hands. To find out why Charter Breeze is the best Los Angeles Parking Management Company out there, contact us today for more information!