Valet Parking Company

Provide your guests with special event valet parking: Charter Breeze is more than just a provider of transportation solutions -- we’re also a valet parking company. If you are hosting or organizing a special event and you would like to provide your guests with the luxury and convenience of valet parking, trust our trained and experienced valet attendants to rise to the challenge. We have extensive experience handling parking logistics, and we provide affordable services suitable for all budget levels.

Discover Our Valet Parking Advantage

When you choose Charter Breeze as your valet parking company, we’ll provide a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Logistics planning. Making the most of your parking space and ensuring all vehicles remain accessible at all times requires careful planning. Leave the details to our experienced logistics coordinators and rest assured that your guests will benefit.
  • Specially trained attendants. Our attendants always prioritize the safety and security of your guests’ property. We go to great lengths to ensure no vehicles are damaged and that thieves and vandals will not be able to victimize your guests.
  • Value added service. All our valet parking attendants and special events staff members are helpful, courteous and specially trained. We offer ongoing training and professional improvement initiatives to all employees to ensure their service meets our high standards.

As an alternative to valet parking, we are also pleased to offer parking lot shuttle services to transport your guests between event venues and parking lots. If you’d like to learn more, or to request pricing information, please contact a Charter Breeze customer service representative.